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   1st Degree   - 2nd Degree - Master Practitioner - Reiki Teacher

Reiki 1st Degree : 7th - 8th May 2022

               Please contact to arrange dates
 2 days £150.00 (Deposit of £50.00 payable on registration)

Once you have checked availability, fill the registration form in (PDFor Word), and send it back to Nobu with the course deposit either by cheque or PayPal (NO NEED to have PayPal account)

Students start training at First Degree. During the class you will have a series of four simple procedures called 'attunements' which enable you to accept a vastly increased level of energy.

The course covers the history of Usui Reiki, how to use Reiki for healing yourself and others, and how Reiki can be used in many every-day situations to promote change and improve the quality of your life. You will experience plenty of supervised practical exercises during the class.

On completion of the First Degree training you will be awarded an authorised certificate and will be provided with unlimited post course support. No further classes are necessary as this training will last a lifetime. All students receive a comprehensive course manual at the end of the course. 

Training is carried out in a calm relaxing environment at a private residence in Hoole, Chester.
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