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 1st Degree -   2nd Degree   - Master Practitioner - Reiki Teacher

Reiki 2nd Degree : 14th - 15th May 2022
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 2 days £250.00 (Deposit of £50.00 payable on registration)

 Second Degree training is open to First Degree initiates who have assimilated the energy for 3 months and who are ready to undertake the commitment and the responsibility at this level.

As well as increasing the healing potential of others, you will increase your own insight and intuitive ability. You will greatly accelerate the on-going process of self-discovery, development, and healing, in addition to bringing more abundance into all areas of your life.

Second Degree training and attunement will increase the potency of the energy flow, expand upon knowledge already acquired and introduce numerous fascinating ways of using the energy. You will find that the possibilities are endless, limited only by your own imagination!

During the class you will receive 2 further attunements and learn 3 sacred and powerful Reiki symbols with the mantras.

Classes are taught in 2 days and on completion of the training you will be awarded an authorised certificate. Each student is guaranteed unlimited post course support and is invited to attend a future Second Degree class at no extra charge.

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