learning reiki

Benefits of Reiki

When you are trained in the technique of Reiki you are able to accept or become a channel for a greater amount of energy with many beneficial effects on your life. Reiki balances the energy within the body: increasing vitality, enhancing well-being and joy for life, reducing stress, and releasing negative emotional states, and this creates ideal conditions for the healing of disease, injuries and the relieving of pain.

Reiki is also a valuable tool to promote change and improve any aspect of your life, such as health, relationships, career or business, and it empowers you to take responsibility for yourself. As your confidence and intuition become stronger, you feel in much greater control of your life, rather than being at the mercy of outside influences.

Reiki can be combined with any conventional medical treatments or therapies such as massage, reflexology, hypnotherapy etc. Many therapists learn Reiki as it helps to prevent them taking on the negativity of their clients, and it boosts their own energy levels whilst they are working. When you give a Reiki treatment to someone else, you receive Reiki at the same time!

Once you learn Reiki you are always in a position to help yourself and others in stressful situations or emergencies. Reiki can be applied to all living things: babies, children, animals and plants, all receive love and benefit enormously from Reiki.

Many people learn Reiki for the benefit it brings to themselves and family or friends, and the training will also enable you to practise Reiki professionally if you choose to do so.
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