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 1st Degree - 2nd Degree -   Master Practitioner   - Reiki Teacher

Reiki Master Practitioner :  2nd - 3rd May

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 2 days £400.00 (Deposit of £100.00 payable on registration)

Master Practitioner training is open to Second Degree initiates who have assimilated the energy for 6 months and whose involvement has reached the point where they are drawn to take the energy to the highest level without the commitment of teaching.

This level is for the student who is deeply committed to their own personal development and healing. It is about 'self-mastery'. As we deepen our awareness and connection with the energy, our perception, confidence, inner strength and clarity intensifies. We are then able to release ourselves from limiting concepts and beliefs which hold us back and prevent us from appreciating our true nature. We learn to experience our lives and feelings fully, in a loving, supportive manner.

Master Practitioner training and attunement greatly enhances intuitive healing skills and dramatically increases self-knowledge and the power of your intent. This is the highest Reiki practitioner qualification available.

During the class you will be initiated into the 3rd Degree, or 'Master' energy and be given the sacred 'Master' symbol.

Important: Master Practitioner Training and Attunement does not empower you to teach or initiate others into Reiki. Students are requested to commit to working with the 'Master' energy daily for a period of 30days.

Classes are taught in 2 days and on completion of the training students will be awarded an authorised certificate on receipt of the 30 days report. Each student is guaranteed unlimited post-course support and is invited to attend a future Master Practitioner class at no extra charge.

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