learning reiki

Learning Reiki  ~ will transform your life ~

Reiki is one of the most powerful hand-on healing technique, and is very easy to learn. Anyone can learn Reiki with just a 2 day course, and you will feel the effectiveness and transformations in your life instantly!

Reiki Training increases the energy and vitality available to you. You can use this vast amount of energy to heal yourself both physically and mentally, and to start a new way of life with your own responsible choices.

Reiki is hand-on healing, so all you need to do is to place your hands over the area where you are experiencing any discomfort, be it physical pain (acute or chronic conditions) or emotional upheaval (feeling stressed, down or worried, etc) . You will become a channel for Reiki, and this Reiki energy will have a positive effect, not only on yourself, you will also experience Reiki having a positive effects on your family, friends, and people around you.

Reiki guides you to what your spirit, "the Real You" really wants, which is healthy happy balanced being and who you really are.

Your Reiki Training is the "Key" to your bright future and the most wonderful gift you could ever bestow upon yourself!!

Current Training planned in 2023

Reiki 1st Degree : 09th - 10th September

Reiki 1st Degree : 07th - 08th October

Reiki 2nd Degree : 21st - 22nd October


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